Tattoo artist’s wife plans to strip her husband’s skin and preserve it

For some people, tattoos are a way to tell their life story. For Cheryl Venezel, this is a way to preserve the memories of her last husband, tattoo artist Chris. According to CTV, the woman wants to take off his painted skin and hang it in a frame on the wall..

Tattoo artist's wife plans to remove her husband's skin and preserve it - photo 1

Tattoo artist’s wife plans to remove her husband’s skin and preserve it – all the fun

To some, this desire may seem eccentric, but the widow of a tattoo artist is only fulfilling the last will of the deceased. Chris wanted both children and grandchildren to see his work. Moreover, according to Cheryl, Chris’s children are going to follow their father’s example and learn the art of tattooing..

“Chris wanted his skin to be preserved and I was able to find someone to do it,” Cheryl shared her plans on Intsagram shortly after Chris’s death in October. “He was really special to me. He loved me more than anyone else. “.

Chris Wenzel, a tattoo artist from Saskatoon, suffered from ulcerative colitis for a long time. He died in his sleep on October 28, at the age of 41..

Chris left behind an impressive body of work – he was a very prolific and imaginative creator. In the online gallery you can see his detailed sketches of fantastic tattoos with magical creatures, breathtaking flowers, mythological monsters and other colorful scenes..

Tattoo artist's wife plans to remove her husband's skin and preserve it - photo 2

His body can also be safely called a real work of art. In the photo that Cheryl posted on Instagram, Chris shows his fully clogged breasts. This striking fragment is especially interesting: a huge snake is coiled on the man’s stomach, which fights in a deadly battle with two birds of prey. The rest of the colorful drawings cover his arms and shoulders right up to his neck..

Cheryl revealed on her Instagram blog that she contacted an American company called Save My Ink Forever to immortalize Chris’s tattoos..

“This is the first request of its kind on this scale!” – shared the woman. Before that, the company had not dealt with such large orders, but coped with this request with honor and dignity..

On their website “Save My Ink Forever” they write that their task is to “preserve the history of a loved one.” They also assure that “the legacy of your loved ones will live on for future generations.”.

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Company representatives assure that the result of what they are doing is much better than just a photo..

“You get real tattoos. We treat the leather with a special composition, frame it and present it to the family in the most dignified way, “- written on the company’s website.

Kyle Sherwood, chief executive officer of the company, commented on this situation: “You will not burn or bury Picasso’s paintings, and some tattoos are just as brilliant as they are.” According to the site, the entire process cost $ 80,000..

To raise the money, Cheryl, who is raising five children, created a crowdfunding campaign on the GoFundMe website. However, she managed to get only $ 2,300 of the expected $ 30,000 by Monday morning..

Tattoo artist's wife plans to remove her husband's skin and preserve it - photo 3

“A devoted husband, a loving father and a talented artist will be able to return to earth. Together we can join our efforts and support the family of the deceased. These funds will be used to cover the costs associated with preserving Chris’s legacy and supporting his relatives, “- written on the page on GoFundMe.

As a result, the specialists in the laboratory spent about three months cutting off the desired areas of the skin. Cheryl was present during the process, showing which fragments needed to be preserved. Chris’s skin now hangs in a frame in his former tattoo parlor.

Prepared by: mpribytkova (Pribytkova Maria Alekseevna)