Opening of a forum for tattoo artists and tattoo lovers within the framework of the site

Hello dear and beloved readers and guests. We are glad to inform you that we nevertheless decided to open the forum, despite the labor costs and difficulties with moderation, the number of arguments for its existence outweighed.

Register and create a free ad or leave a review about the wizard / ask a question – you can here: https: /// forum.

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Opening of a new (free) forum on tattooing for tattoo artists and amateurs

The forum will be useful for both tattoo artists (tattoo parlors) and tattoo lovers.

Why a forum about tattooing for tattoo artists and salons?

Forum is a free advertising platform for attracting new clients and communicating with potential visitors.

Everyone can create their own thread on the forum, post information about services and their cost, show examples of their work and communicate with tattoo lovers who will surely find you in within a site with a million audience.

You can make your own thread on the tattoo forum private tattoo artists, tattoo artists, tattoo model, organizers of events dedicated to tattooing and equipment sellers for tattooing. It is enough to spend 30 seconds for registration and a few minutes for registration of a thread on the tattoo forum.

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Why tattooing forum for tattoo lovers?

Naturally, here you can get acquainted with examples of the work of tattoo masters and communicate with them live, before a physical visit to a tattoo parlor..

All forum participants can not only communicate with tattoo masters and artists who develop tattoo sketches, forum participants can personally agree on creating a sketch for a tattoo or ask any question of interest.

In addition, tattoo lovers have something to talk about without the “experienced”, discussing events or interesting information.

Naturally, everyone can leave a review about their tattoo master, which will not only help the master, but in some situations will also protect someone from a rash decision..

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Why a forum about tattooing on tattoo opponents?

The opinion of each person is important to us. A negative attitude towards a tattoo is an opinion that has a right to life..

You can give your arguments on the forum and together we will discuss all the negativity that, in your opinion, the tattoo carries.

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It is extremely difficult for a young forum, like a child, to take the first steps in life, even scary.

And we ask you to support our initiative, leave your first post, create a theme, start chatting on the forum about tattooing – https: ///forum/index.php.

We are sure that you will find interesting interlocutors within the forum, and it will not be so scary for us to do something new..