The tattoo that glorified the city of Omsk (tattoo with a map of Omsk)

In the literal sense, a recent sensation in the Omsk segment of the Internet has become a tattoo, which glorified the city of Omsk, after it appeared on the body of one of the local instructors of the club of active and sports recreation.

The instructor’s name is Ivan Batisan, who got an unusual tattoo, the plot of which was a sunken ship against the background of a section of the map of the Omsk region.

* the information was confirmed by the staff of the tour club in which Ivan works (despite the fact that many tried to turn this news into fiction)

Ivan Batizan explained that he originally intended to make a tattoo with a compass, which would express his love for tourism, but in the process of thinking, he decided to supplement the drawing with a fragment of a map. Naturally, given that I live in Omsk, this particular section of the map was chosen as a fragment..

The tattoo that glorified the city of Omsk (tattoo with a map of Omsk) - example in photo 2 The tattoo that glorified the city of Omsk (tattoo with a map of Omsk) - example in photo 1 The tattoo that glorified the city of Omsk (tattoo with a map of Omsk) – example in photo 1

The young man’s plans are to “give away the entire right hand to be torn apart by the tattoo master,” exclusively for drawings that will be associated with his native land.

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Apple Watch does not work well because of a tattoo on the arm

Apple Watch officially came out and now we can definitely talk about the existing shortcomings of Apple smartwatches.

Initially, it was said that the version of the Apple Watch with a metal case is overwritten extremely quickly, and scratches spoil the appearance.

The next flaw of the manufacturers was the incorrect operation of the Apple Watch on the hand of a person whose wrist is decorated with tattoo drawings. Many owners of the tattoo on the arm and the Apple Watch gadget noticed that the device works abnormally (badly).

Apple Watch does not work well due to tattoo on hand 3

Apple Watch does not work well due to tattoo on hand 3

Social networks, like the modern monitor of the whole world, have reported the following Apple Watch glitches in people with tattoos:

  • Apple Watch asks to re-enter PIN code
  • The connection between the smart phone and the Apple Watch connected to it is lost
  • Pulse rate (heartbeat) data is displayed incorrectly
  • Having problems with your screen lock

Experts explain that such deviations in the operation of the Apple Watch arise due to the fact that special sensors are installed on the back of the watch, which shine through the surface of the skin on the hand and analyze the blood vessels, in which immediate obstacles arise due to the paint that is injected under the skin. when drawing a tattoo.

Sensors that detect the presence of a watch on the hand go astray for the same reason. Seeing underneath instead of human skin the paint from a tattoo, the watch considers that it is not located on a person’s hand and asks for a re-entry of the PIN code.

Apple Watch does not work well because of a tattoo on the arm 1 Apple Watch does not work well due to tattoo on hand 2

Problems can be dealt with by disabling some sensors, but then some of the functionality of the Apple Watch will be lost:

  • Possibility to use payment terminals
  • Additional protection against theft



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Nikita Presnyakov’s tattoo – Pugacheva’s grandson got a tattoo

So, 02/04/2015 – social networks spread the news from the page of the grandson of Alla Borisovna Pugacheva that from that moment on his right shoulder was decorated with a tattoo. Fans of the star family did not miss the opportunity to publicize this event.

Nikita Presnyakov’s tattoo

Nikita Presnyakov's tattoo 1

Nikita Presnyakov’s tattoo 1

The famous offspring hastened to post a short form with a record of the process of carrying a tattoo in “instagram”. As Nikita Presnyakov himself explained – “The dream of getting a tattoo on his body lived in his fantasies for many years.”.

However, even with the presence of video and loud hype around the fact that Nikita Presnyakov got himself a tattoo – no one knows what drawing the guy’s tattoo has, because see it on video – it does not work.

Fans of the cute guy are already starting to start rumors on word of mouth that soon the aspiring director will have the next tattoo..

Nikita Presnyakov's tattoo 2

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Tattoos with baby sketches

Ontario is the home of a man who can be called one of the best tattooed fathers in the world. Regardless of his colorful and somewhat brutal appearance with a bald head and fluffy beard.

Keith Anderson applies to his body tattoos with baby sketches, and does it with enviable regularity. Although, these drawings for tattoos can be called sketches with great stretch – these are just drawings of a small child that the father transfers to his body in the form of tattoos.

Tattoos with baby sketches 6

Keith has been decorating his body with drawings of a child since his son was 4 years old. Now, he allows his son to pick up a tattoo machine and fill his dad’s tattoo with his own hand..

Keith is firmly committed to continuing his venture until his son stops him. And at the moment he is delighted with a tattoo, which resembles a drawing on an old stained glass, which his son drew when he was 8 years old..

Tattoos with sketches of a child – by the hands of a child

Tattoos with baby sketches 2 Tattoos with baby sketches 3 Tattoos with baby sketches 4 Tattoos with baby sketches 5

Tattoos from children’s drawings are transferred to the body of the “unusual father” by three different tattooists, and recently dad began to take to tattoo parlors and his son, whom he trusts to transfer drawings to the body on his own. Maybe a tattoo artist will grow up …

Tattoos with baby sketches 1

Tattoos with baby sketches

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Tattoos and technology

Tattoos and technology – innovative tattoo solutions

As you know, there are no barriers or prohibitions for innovation. Holding the hand of modern technologies, they open any doors, expanding the horizons of efficiency, “force” to benefit people in many ways a specific area of ​​art – tattoo.

If earlier pictures were applied solely in order to reveal the inner world through symbols, or to give an idea of ​​the position of a person among certain social strata, now natural pragmatism dominates, because tattoos have become digital.

Innovative directions in the art of tattoo 1

The photo shows an example of the work of a hybrid tattoo and a smartphone to determine the indicators of human vital activity.

One of the promising areas of their application is the function of unlocking a smartphone using a unique key sticker – vivalnk. The perception of the picture goes on wireless NFC technology without using a camera. The device is simply applied to the tattoo. The unusual mechanism for unlocking the lock takes less than one second. The only inconvenience of the tattoo key has to be changed every five days, so the manufacturer suggests purchasing sets of 10 pieces..

The developers of the Epidermal Electronics project put a completely different technological meaning in the tattoo. The main task of a digital image on the skin is to convey information about the state of health: pulse, pressure, respiration and some other biometric data. They are read and recognized by the smartphone. The prospects for implementation and improvement are obvious here..

Innovative directions in the art of tattoo 2

Futuristic tattoo technology of the future

A huge array of information can also be read quickly, and QR codes can also be read, which can be considered as tattoos with personal data encrypted in them. The mass enthusiasm for this area of ​​tattoo art was promoted by manufacturers of gadgets with built-in recognition technologies. The 2D image is applied in the traditional way. Its main task concerns a completely different plane, namely, the ability to share static information in particular about yourself and about the world in general..

Thus, the usual understanding of the meaning of tattoos and symbolism are gradually losing importance. Art becomes technological and pragmatic.

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Grief tattoo artist robbed the ordered taxi

In support of the axiom that the tattooist, the tattooist – strife, we publish material that will tell about the would-be tattooist, with whom they paid off with a pistol, and he, with his help, committed a crime.

Remember! You need to get a tattoo only in a tattoo parlor and only from a trusted master..

Grief tattoo artist robbed the ordered taxi

Grief tattooist robbed the ordered taxi

So, to the news …

Two young men were recently detained on suspicion of committing an extremely daring armed assault. As it turned out during further proceedings, one of the criminals turned out to be a tattoo artist, if he can be called such.

Two young people drank alcohol in the evening, when they ran out of funds for their pastime, one explained that he had a plan that would help to get some money and offered a friend to order a taxi from a trusted operator. They called, ordered a car, the taxi was served on time.

During the journey, the young people explained to the taxi driver that they needed to change their destination and, due to the circumstances that had arisen, call into the garage..

The driver, as expected, followed the specified route and, bringing the young people to the specified garage cooperative, was put “under the trunk”.

One of the passengers put the barrel of a pistol to the driver’s head and, threatening with immediate reprisals, demanded to give money and valuables. Meanwhile, the second passenger searched the car and took whatever he liked..

A selection of photos with taxi tattoos

Finished Taxi Pattern Tattoo 8Finished Taxi Pattern Tattoo 8Finished Taxi Pattern Tattoo 7Finished Taxi Pattern Tattoo 7Finished Taxi Pattern Tattoo 6Finished Taxi Pattern Tattoo 6Finished Taxi Pattern Tattoo 5Finished Taxi Pattern Tattoo 5Finished Taxi Pattern Tattoo 4Finished Taxi Pattern Tattoo 4Finished Taxi Pattern Tattoo 3Finished Taxi Pattern Tattoo 3finished tattoo with taxi pattern 2finished tattoo with taxi pattern 2finished tattoo with taxi pattern 1finished tattoo with taxi pattern 1

The criminals’ profit became:

  • 3000 rubles
  • Mobile phone
  • Tablet
  • Walkie-talkie
  • Car keys

Fortunately, the taxi driver was not taken aback, and quickly notifying the police officers, he informed the person who arrived alongside about the signs of the attackers.

The young people were detained in hot pursuit and explained that the pistol was pneumatic, which was given to them in the form of payment by one of the clients for a tattoo made in artisanal conditions..

For committed robbery, would-be tattooist faces up to 10 years in prison.

They say that a good tattoo artist there is worth its weight in gold. Is he only good?

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Cara Delevingne: photos of new tattoos

Cara Delevingne: photos of new tattoos

Extremely popular fashion model Cara Delevingne, who has a piquant reputation and appeared in the yellow press under the headlines “Cara Delevingne is a lesbian”, once again amazed her fans and the media with an interesting outfit, under which she made a catchy oriental-style tattoo on her body. Cara Delevingne’s oriental tattoo with flowers and birds was in perfect harmony with a strict trouser outfit that hugged her slender body at the evening of the Costume Institute Ball. Cara Delevingne in the photo with and without tattoos, presented in the gallery on this page below.

cara delevingne photo 1

Information about the past of Cara Delevingne

By the age of 22, model Cara Delevingne has not only a scandalous reputation, but also the unofficial title of the most “tattooed” TOP model in the world. Her employers have repeatedly spoken out about the inadmissibility for a model of this level to put tattoos on her body. Many stated that if the girl continues in a similar spirit, then she will no longer be suitable for a fashion show in swimsuits..

What you need to know about Cara Delevingne:

You should definitely find out if it is true that Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez kissed.

It is necessary to investigate and find out about the kind of relationship between Annie Clark and Cara Delevingne.

And by the way, the height and weight of Cara Delevingne: 173 cm and 49 kg.

Cara Delevingne photo:

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Egyptian mummy with mysterious tattoos has puzzled scientists

In one of the Egyptian villages, called Deir el-Medina, modern archaeologists managed to find the body of a woman, whose body was richly decorated with tattoos with a religious touch. The find was announced publicly at a meeting of anthropologists at Stanford.

Nature magazine reproduced on its pages the words of Anne Austin from Stanford University (USA), who said that tattooing in those days was the most painful, and in order to apply more than 30 tattoos, she had to endure incredible torment. Ann was able to find only one explanation for this act – deep religiosity and the importance of drawings on the body..

Egyptian mummy with mysterious tattoos puzzled scientists - photo 2

Egyptian mummy with mysterious tattoos puzzled scientists – photo 2

It is worth noting that some of the oldest tattoos were discovered by chance, during the process of studying mummies by French scientists, which were buried in the period from 1300-1070 BC. and were discovered in the 19th century in the “Valley of the Kings”.

What tattoos does a mummy have and what they meant for Egypt?

The woman’s body, which Ann had a chance to examine, was almost completely destroyed by time, and it was not so easy to find a tattoo on it. Ann noticed strange bands in the neck, which she decided to investigate with an infrared lamp. Research has confirmed that the lines were part of a tattoo that was applied under the skin while still alive. Further, about 30 tattoo designs were found on the woman’s body in different places..

The shoulders of the mummy were decorated with drawings of baboons, the arms were decorated with cows, and in the intimate area, near the hips, there were lotus flowers..

Egyptian Mummy with Mysterious Tattoos – Drawings:

In the area of ​​the neck, shoulder and neck, various variants of the “uajits” – “the eyes of Horus” were applied. The drawing with the “eye of Horus” was used as a talisman and was applied not only to the body, but also to jewelry and household items..

Egyptian mummy with mysterious tattoos puzzled scientists - photo 1

Egyptian mummy with mysterious tattoos puzzled scientists – photo 1

It was noted at the conference that such tattoos were found for the first time and it is impossible to establish for certain their meaning and the role of this woman in society..

Austin believes that the tattoos of this woman speak exclusively of her social status, the scientist suggests that the woman was a priestess.

Scientists are planning a series of studies aimed at studying mummies found in the 19th century in order to find new tattoos..

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Tattoo Festival – Adler 2015

Tattoo Festival - Adler 2015

Tattoo Festival – Adler 2015

Så alle elskere og beundrere af tatoveringskunst kan begynde at forberede arrangementet, som blev annonceret kl 24.-26. April 2015 i Adler – “konkurrence-festival for tatoveringer“.

Konkurrence afholdes i 3 dage, feriebyen vil helt springe ind i tatoveringsmalingens verden. Tatovører fra hele verden konkurrerer i 16 forskellige nomineringer.

Tattoo Festival – Adler 2015

Alle tatoveringsfestens gæster vil ikke kun kunne se tatovørers arbejde fra hele verden, men også modtage en gratis skitse til en tatovering inden for arrangementet, eller måske lave en reklamefri, gratis tatovering.

Sochi embedsmænd sagde, at begivenheden vil omfatte rockmusikforestillinger, en auktion over malerier og originale ekstreme shows..

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