Bringing a tattoo artist to justice for criminal sexual behavior five years ago

In December 2019, tattoo artist Alexander Boyko, who worked as a tattoo artist in several local tattoo parlors, was brought before the Michigan District Court, USA, on charges of criminal sexual behavior..

Bringing tattoo artist to justice for criminal sexual behavior five years ago - photo

Bringing a tattoo artist to justice for five-year-old sexual misconduct – the facts

According to the information provided by the prosecutor, Boyko allegedly behaved inappropriately towards the girl, who is 25 today..

Alexander Boko, a tattoo artist who is now 26 years old, was subsequently indicted in court on several counts, charged with criminal sexual behavior that took place about 5 years ago, in 2015..

The defendant’s lawyer called all statements of the prosecutor about Boyko’s guilt as libel.

The court, in turn, established a bail of $ 50,000 for Alexander Boyko with the obligatory wearing of a GPS tracker..

What the tattoo artist is accused of and who?

A 25-year-old woman was heard as a witness in court, who explained that five years ago she turned to Boyko for advice on applying a new tattoo on the middle of her chest. I turned to the master, because previously applied a tattoo drawing from him and was pleased with the result.

According to the girl, the tattoo artist asked her to take off her shirt, because he needs to see how the chest is close to the body in order to determine the area on the chest that needs to be used for tattooing.

After the girl took off her shirt, the tattoo artist installed a sheet of tracing paper in the center of the chest and traced the contours of the chest on it to determine the middle section of the sternum, which must be adapted for the sketch in size and subsequent tattooing.

Further, according to the girl, he pinched her nipple and, without permission, touched his chest with his hand..

The lawyer said during the meeting that his client completely denies the charges..

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