8 useful tips from a tattoo artist for those who want to get a tattoo

Applying a tattoo to your body is a very responsible and bold step that requires careful, thoughtful and thoughtful action. After applying a certain pattern, symbol or pattern to your body, you will no longer get rid of it as quickly as they will do it for you. Therefore, it is better to follow the recommendations that the tattoo artist himself gives to everyone who is thinking about this important step..

8 useful tips from a tattoo artist for those who want to get a tattoo - photo for the article

8 useful tips from a tattoo artist for those who want to get a tattoo

man with tattoo in the shower

Hearty food and shower

Be sure to take a shower before going to the salon, because a tattoo can be applied to the most unexpected and spicy parts of the body, so as not to get into an awkward situation, it is better to refresh your body. The work will be long and at times painful, therefore it requires strength, since without them you can lose consciousness.

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High price – high quality

Good quality work will cost its owner a tidy sum, so if you want to make a complex large drawing, it is absolutely stupid to count on a thousand rubles. Often, masters announce the price after the end of their work, since only after having done it, they can tell how complex the tattoo was. And it is completely pointless and stupid to bargain with the master, because this is not a market and if you are not ready to shell out a certain amount – do not get a tattoo.

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Only your personal desire

No matter how strange and senseless an order for a tattoo artist would be, he must unconditionally accept it if the client is firmly convinced that he needs this and no other sketch. The master can refuse to work only in one case – the work is too tough for him. In other cases, masters see only a way to earn extra money, and they keep thoughts, emotions and opinions with them for a long time..

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Tattooing is not a massive hike of bosom friends

Of course, we all realize that this procedure is quite painful and scary, from which newcomers take friends or family with them who will support and help endure all this torment. It’s one thing if you bring your most faithful and closest friend, but it’s another thing when clients start bringing in a whole crowd of their friends, and an important process turns into a noisy gathering with loudly laughing people who constantly want to touch, look or ask something. First of all, the one who decided to get a tattoo will directly suffer from this, because if you constantly distract, tug and interfere with the master, he can do something wrong.

Tattooing is not a massive campaign of bosom friends - photo

The name is a very bold tattoo

When choosing someone’s name as a tattoo, think carefully, because fate sometimes develops in a completely unpredictable way for us. As practice shows, more than ninety percent of visitors regretted the name tattoo chosen and applied to their body..

The more the tattoo, the longer it takes to create it.

Some clients believe that a full back design can be applied in a couple of hours. As a rule, several sessions are required to apply a large-scale drawing, because a tattoo is not a copy paper that instantly transfers patterns, but a laborious complex process..

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The last word is yours

Of course, before heading to the salon, you should have at least some idea of ​​the future of the tattoo. Be sure to consult with the master who will recommend you a particular sketch. And the final choice, in any case, must be made by you, you do not need to trust it to anyone else..

The last word is yours - the choice of tattoo - photo

Are you ready to sit still, while at times experiencing pain and swelling of the limbs?

The client must be motionless all the time, because any movement will ruin the whole beauty of the future work. As the masters say, it is not their fault that some of the works turned out, not so accurate, because each person has his own pain threshold, but he will certainly be to blame for all sins – the master.

Prepared by: SMOLINA-IRA (Irina Smolina)