Mother arrested for tattooing 10-year-old son

A mother was arrested for her 10-year-old son getting a tattoo by a teen tattoo artist because she was allegedly tired of the boy’s requests for a tattoo..

A news outlet reported that 34-year-old Nikki Dickinson was charged with first degree juvenile abuse and aiding juvenile delinquency after a tattoo video went viral.

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Court documents obtained by the television center say the 16-year-old tattoo artist, identified by the Bellefontaine Examiner as Lakeview’s Kyle Richardson, often gets tattoos at home. WSYX / WTTE also reported that the teenager may have tattooed someone who subsequently developed MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Stafi aureus).

Bellefontaine Examiner said the artist was charged with “performing tattoos that do not meet safety and sanitation standards, and tattoos that do not meet sterilization and disinfection standards.”.

“It worries me. I am a father and a grandfather, ”one man said in a news segment that showed a video of a boy on whose arm a young man had tattooed.

On September 24, the video was posted to Facebook by Ohio resident Storm Harrington. Commentators were shocked by the “funny” incident, and someone noticed that the tattoo artist did not wear gloves during the procedure..

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A few days after the video was posted, an onslaught of outraged comments on Facebook led to several complaints to the Bellefontein City Police Department (whose spokesman did not comment for Yahoo Lifestyle). “The phone didn’t stop ringing,” the officer told WSYX / WTTE. “We have received calls from several states from people who are concerned about the well-being of this child.”.

A Facebook woman named Jaydeen Ford, who identified herself as Dickinson’s niece, told Yahoo Lifestyle that her aunt did not speak to her about the incident. “I was stunned that she let her son do it,” says Ford. “It seems disgusting to me – he’s an innocent boy.”.

According to WSYX / WTTE, when officers visited the orphanage a few days after the incident, the boy confessed to asking his mom for a tattoo. However, when a reporter for the television station spoke to Dickinson via Facebook, the boy’s mother wrote that the video of her 10-year-old son getting a tattoo was “fake,” but declined to provide further details..

City Attorney Daniel D. Carey told the Bellefontaine Examiner that Dickinson allowed tattooing in “unsafe and unsanitary conditions” and “encouraged and helped” Richardson to perform the service..

While Dickinson does face charges, tattooing a minor isn’t always illegal in Ohio. According to state law: “No person should perform a tattoo, body piercing, or ear piercing procedure for a person under eighteen years of age unless consent has been provided by a parent, guardian or caregiver.”.

It also states that the parent, guardian or caregiver of the minor must be present in person during the procedure and sign a document provided by the firm, which sets out the details of the procedure and proper body care. However, state law also requires this procedure to comply with safety and sanitation standards..

Prepared by: viduf (Krasilnikov Stanislav Innokentyevich)