How to get a tattoo: some interesting and useful information to get started

Have you decided to get yourself a tattoo and want to figure out what and how? In this article, we’ll take a look at how to get a tattoo. The first thing worth doing is getting to know the process itself – how the tattoo will be done, how long it heals, and how to care for it, what is important.

How to get a tattoo - interesting and useful information - tattoo photo

How to get a tattoo – a little useful

The first step is cooking that part of the body for the drawing. The skin must be dry, fat-free, clean, hair-free.

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How to get a tattoo in color? The drawing is applied to the skin using special pencils, through special carbon paper, or immediately. Sometimes confident craftsmen, who already have a full hand, apply the drawing immediately. It is applied with tattoo machines. Some craftsmen use pointed spatulas dipped in paint. The paint used passes allergy tests. The brightest and most long-lasting paints of red, yellow, brown, black. An important point in this case is shading. It is done in a circular way or in short strokes, which are applied in several layers. Wipe each layer with a napkin or bandage.

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And here is one of the gross mistakes – using cotton wool to wipe layers, you can’t do this! Also, drink alcohol the day before and after tattooing, as well as painkillers and medications. Sterility plays an important role in this work. Only disposable needles are used, instruments must be sterilized. First, with the help of a disinfectant solution, then they are washed, dried and then they are subjected to dry heat treatment. The master must wear disposable gloves..

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At the end of the work, the injured skin area is covered with a special film. This is not for long, only 3-5 hours. After that, it is removed with clean hands and washed with soap, removing the remains of petroleum jelly and ichor. Next, apply a thin layer of wound healing ointment or antibacterial.

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Categorically you cannot use alcohol-containing substances in this matter, such as perfume, cologne! In the early days, it is recommended not to wear tight clothes, it is better to limit yourself to loose things made from natural fabrics! Another rule is to protect the drawing from direct sunlight. You cannot swim with shampoos and take baths in hot water – only a quick shower, swimming in open water is also not recommended. It is strictly forbidden to scratch the tattoo or any influence on it. For daily care, you can use a special cream.

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And now, be sure to read the material that will help you “not to anger the master and not get in the eye from him.”.

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