11 most common ways people ruin their tattoos

The long-term quality of a tattoo depends a lot on the skill of the tattoo artist, the ink used, the placement and other factors, however there are also many mistakes you can make yourself that can ruin your tattoo..

11 most common ways people destroy their tattoos - information and photo examples

11 most common ways people destroy their tattoos – information and photo examples

11 most common ways people ruin their tattoos

For example, improper care can result in washed out or faded designs. The good news is that most of them can be avoided by following simple tips and today we would like to draw your attention to the mistakes that many make after tattooing during the healing period..

  • Using loofah loofahs.

It takes time to heal for your tattoo to look its best, and during this period you should not use something abrasive, such as a washcloth or sponge. Shower, warm water and mild liquid antibacterial soap will be your helpers. For two to three weeks until complete healing, refrain from bathing and swimming in the pool.

11 most common ways people ruin their tattoos

  • Towel.

Rubbing effectively with a towel is not for you right now – blot off the moisture gently with a towel and let the air finish what you started..

  • Excessive amount of ointment.

Ointments have a beneficial effect on healing, but everything should be in moderation. A large amount of ointment or any other tattoo care product can simply suffocate it and stimulate the growth of bacteria. Apply a thin layer of ointment twice a day for three to five days.

  • Peeling.

But you can do without this important procedure for a couple of weeks..

  • Water procedures.

The endless waters of the ocean, sea, river and lake … They will have to wait a little while your tattoo will not heal. Large amounts of water can draw out ink and damage the appearance of the tattoo, not to mention dirt and bacteria can cause infection.

  • Sun rays.

Stay out of the sun after getting a tattoo, as sunlight is the worst enemy of new tattoos. But also after healing, remember to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30+ to prevent oxidation of the pigment in the ink, causing the tattoo to fade..

  • Workout.

During intense training or other physical activity, movement can irritate the skin, which slows down the healing process. So be careful.

  • Sandals.

If your tattoo is on your feet, avoid wearing sandals to reduce exposure to dirt and bacteria. Opt for loose tennis shoes during this time.

  • Touches.

Of course, you have been waiting for her for too long, and you still cannot believe that you are the owner of this miracle. Therefore, you just want to touch her with your hand to make sure that this is not a dream. You do not need to do this – there may be microbes on your hands, which in turn can cause blisters or pustular rashes..

  • Shaving.

You will need to avoid shaving for a while while your new artwork heals..

  • Failure to follow instructions.

Surely your tattoo artist sent you home with instructions on how to take care of your tattoo and this is not just a formality, but a necessity for you for these two weeks. And if something seems wrong, don’t be afraid to call the tattoo parlor or stop by and ask a few questions..

By following the care instructions and following these simple rules, you will allow your tattoo to heal properly and, as a result, delight you and others with great quality, bright colors and correct outlines for a very long time. And if it seems to you that some points are limiting you in something, do not forget that this is not forever (unlike your tattoo). After a couple of weeks, you will be able to return to your usual routine and not limit yourself in anything..

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Prepared by: sv_stroyeva (Stolyarenko Svetlana Nikolaevna)