Tattoos are aging too! How do they look in a few years?

From the material you will learn about how tattoos age, see examples of aged tattoos in the photo, learn how to keep your tattoo in good shape – for a long time.

How tattoos age, how the type of tattoo changes over time – facts and photos

Now the tattoo is not a sign of belonging to the criminal world. Drawings on the body are done by both men and women of different ages and social status. Children’s names, memorable dates, birds, flowers, hieroglyphs or magical patterns. Not all people think about the meaning of the body pattern. And no one thinks about how a tattoo will look in ten, fifteen years..

Yes, bad or annoying tattoos are removed with a laser or professional remover. This is a painful and expensive procedure that requires you to visit the master more than once. If there is a disposition to keloid scars, then the master will not undertake to remove.

Fashionable and original pattern, like our skin, changes and lends itself to aging. Paints fade, change shade. For example, a black drawing may turn blue. More often the reason lies in cheap pigments or not the professionalism of the master. Everyone has a different skin tone. The tattoo artist should take this into account and add special correctors to the pigments to prevent changes in the shade of the drawings..

Sharp lines can float, stretch, or become crooked. The reason is improper care during the healing of the tattoo. Another reason is the change in body weight, in which the skin stretches and sags along with the tattoo..

In order to avoid problems with drawings on the skin in the future, adhere to several rules:

  1. Choose a professional master. Look at the portfolio, learn the experience, pay attention to the quality of the cosmetics used. Important! Consumables related to the skin are opened at the client and disposed of after the session.
  2. Make a correction. After complete healing of the pattern, a correction is made in a month. The wizard goes through the drawing one more time..
  3. In two or three years, the drawing is updated. The tattoo artist once again traverses the contour of the tattoo with a machine, updating the color and aligning the lines.
  4. Use protective creams when out in the sun or in a tanning bed. Ultraviolet rays are detrimental to wearable designs.
  5. Closely monitor the condition of the skin, avoid sudden changes in weight.

    Treat your tattoo responsibly and a beautiful drawing will delight you and those around you for many years.

Photo examples of aged tattoos from 03/15/2021 (41 photos)

The text of the article was prepared by: ARTYR1200 (Artur Nagorny)