Why tattoos are harmful – a private opinion that does not claim to be true

The first who succumbed to this kind of art, of course, were men, but now it has become quite fashionable for women..

But no one even thinks about the possible harm. So let’s figure out what harm can be and how to avoid it. Sometimes in order to save money, people agree to get tattoos in very unusual places, on the street, at home, or else in other similar places. This is not correct, since the main thing to think about is who and where will make your drawing on your body. After all, this is not at all a harmless matter, because in the process, paint is injected under the skin and this is not always safe. So it’s better to contact a specialist, he will make the drawing more beautiful, there will be even contours in the salons, good quality paint.

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Touching upon the topic of the dangers of tattoos and paints for drawing, the main thing is to note that in the course of the studies carried out, it was found that the composition includes dangerous allergenic substances. The list of these substances includes such as: methyl alcohol, aldehydes, surfactants, ethylene glycol. Such substances cause chronic allergies, since dyes are often present in paints, and they are strong allergens. The risk of developing dermatological diseases is very high. Allergies can manifest themselves on painkillers, on creams, cosmetics, sunscreens and sunscreens, on synthetics. And this is all because of the decoration on the body in the form of a tattoo..

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And one more fact, from a medical point of view, the part of the body where the drawing is applied is more vulnerable, wounds heal there longer, and blood in the event of a cut there is often more difficult to stop..

So take care of yourself.

If you nevertheless decide to get a tattoo, then after application, the master will give you advice on caring for the part of the body where the drawing is applied, therefore, listen carefully, because the skin must heal quickly in order to avoid infections. Remember that this is forever, and make the right choice so that you do not have to regret.

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* the material is for informational purposes only and is the personal opinion of the author, before any action, be sure to consult a doctor.

Author of the text: LEBEDX (Lebedev Stepan)