The mystical influence of tattoos

The mystical influence of tattoos on human life

In our time, in the era of rationalism and pragmatism, the reign of logic over prejudice and superstition, there is still a place for some mystical manifestations of the side of life hidden from us. It also happens that no matter how thorough the scientific approach, even the most ardent skeptics sometimes encounter inexplicable things that make you look at the world from a different angle..

Body drawings, or tattoos, have long been an interesting object of research, as a result of which it was really revealed that this kind of body jewelry has a significant impact on the life and fate of a person..

The mystical influence of tattoos on human life 1

Tattoo with mystical dragon on the back

Tattoos in ancient times

At the dawn of its existence, tattoos had a much greater and deeper meaning than just body decoration. Ancient tribes, for example, painted their bodies with various symbols, which, according to their belief, helped to establish a connection with the spirits of deceased ancestors or thus paid tribute to them. Most often, tattoos of such tribes were identified with various deities or elements of nature, served as a kind of protection and amulet from evil spirits. It was believed that tattoos depicting various animals or deities established a strong connection with the other world and endowed with the abilities inherent in one or another animal..

So, for example, the image of a skull on the body symbolized the absence of fear of death, made it unattainable for her and, according to some convictions, allowed her to “deceive”.

Over time, special, distinctive signs on the body were a symbol of a person’s belonging to a particular profession, family clan or religion. Sometimes, tattooing was a rite of passage, only after which one could be considered a full member of society..

The mystical influence of tattoos on human life 2

Tattoo with flying butterflies on the back of a girl in a red dress

For quite a long time, approximately until the end of the 20th century, a galaxy of scientists actively rejected the idea of ​​the mystical impact of tattoos on a person and his life. This lasted until the time when specialists in the field of the psyche and social behavior of people became interested in this issue..

The meaning and impact of tattoos

The results of various observations helped to distinguish two categories of tattoos – constructive and destructive, which can be very similar in their meaning, but largely depend on the purpose and reason for their application..

The mystical connotation of tattoos actually lies in the subconscious of a person. Tattooing, as a rule, is caused by some thoughts and feelings that are fixed by a person on the body in the form of a certain symbol. Quite often, tattoos are resorted to in order to preserve the memory of a person or in this way to express their affection – which is inherent in young people in love. But even at a more mature age, this takes place – for example, knocking out the names of children, relatives.

The mystical influence of tattoos on human life 3

Girl with a tattoo on her back sits on the branches of a tree

It is due to the fact that the owner of the tattoo overly focuses on his jewelry and subconsciously tries to give it some special meaning, leads to unexpected and seemingly strange events in life or coincidences. As a result, there is a kind of emotional “charging” of the tattoo. It concentrates in itself positive or negative energy, which then has a favorable or not very effect on the interaction of a person with the outside world..

According to psychologists, if you are planning to get a tattoo, do not be guided by some desires to personify qualities in a tattoo that are not inherent in you. An indecisive, timid person who makes a tattoo of a proud animal, for example, an eagle or a tiger, tries to correspond to this symbol, as a result of which there is a strong internal conflict of opposite sides, which in turn has a destructive effect on the psyche.

You should be aware that tattoos are based on the language of symbols that have a specific meaning. The destructiveness of the image also lies in the fact that the applied symbol may contradict the religious beliefs and adherence of a person. The most striking and common example is the choice of a tattoo in the form of a hieroglyph. Yes, you may have subtracted the meaning of some hieroglyph, and it prompted you to imprint it on your body. But very often people do not pay attention to this and are guided by the advice of a tattoo master, who may either incorrectly explain the meaning of the symbol, forget, or may deliberately name another meaning, just for fun. In addition, the image of demonic symbols on the body, according to various beliefs, leads to irreversible and terrible consequences that can turn into a real tragedy..

The mystical influence of tattoos on human life 4

Yakuza in a meeting flaunting their tattoo shirts

The positive aspects include the choice of a tattoo that reflects the quality already inherent in a person. In this case, with the help of the applied image, symbol, inscription, you can contribute to the development of an existing character trait or behavior.

As you can see, choosing a tattoo requires an attentive, judicious approach, since this body decoration can have both positive and sharply negative effects in equal measure. And removing tattoos is an expensive and unpleasant task, so you should carefully weigh everything before going to a tattoo parlor..