Tattoos, piercings, scarification: think before you risk it

Often people come up with an idea to decorate their body in one way or another. The most popular types of decorating your body are tattoos, piercings, scarring, beautiful clothes and accessories, fashionable hairstyles and styling..

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If you decorate your body and emphasize your individuality through clothes and hairstyles, then it seems quite harmless..

However, the rest of the above types of body jewelry are often dangerous and simply ridiculous. If a person goes to a tattoo parlor with a dubious reputation, with a little-known name, and a defiant master, then, having decided to do such procedures as tattooing, scarring and even such as ear piercings, then he runs the risk of eventually getting a scar for life, instead of a tattoo. or a puncture or even worse – runs the risk of picking up some kind of infection or sexually transmitted disease.

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This can happen due to the fact that during these procedures penetration under the skin occurs, therefore, before visiting a tattoo parlor, you must carefully choose the one that suits you. It is necessary to find out which masters work in it, ask them to provide you with a document on passing the certification, which is necessary for admission to such activities. In the end, any person has a friend or acquaintance who has already visited a tattoo parlor at least once and has a subjective opinion and feedback, who can recommend this or that master..

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As the proverb says: “Measure seven times, cut once.” It is worth following this proverb and thinking a thousand times before deciding on extreme adornment of your body, which can lead to a lot of unpleasant consequences. Is it worth getting a tattoo, which in old age will remind you of a dashing youth, and scare others away, which will cause misunderstanding of children and grandchildren.

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And if you think that it can then be reduced, then this is a great delusion, since the “imprint” from it will remain for life for sure, in the form of a scar that does not adorn your body at all. And what to say about piercing, the hole from the puncture will heal over time, but the scar will undoubtedly remain. Is it really worth wasting your appearance on second impulses, the desire to stand out from the crowd? There are other ways to do this..

The text of the article for the site was prepared by: ILLADAILLA (Ivanova Illada Nikiforovna)