Tattoo on the arm for girls: popular styles, facts, photo of drawings

A tattoo is not just a special type of body decoration, but also a kind of ritual to attract certain things into your life. Girls are most inclined to transform themselves, because each strives to become attractive in its own way..

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Tattoo on the arm for girls - some interesting information and photos of tattoo drawings

Tattoo on the arm for girls: facts, features, photo examples

Sometimes this is a trend of fashion, sometimes love for a certain celebrity, but it happens that the chosen tattoo carries a sacred meaning for its owner.

When a representative of the fair sex finally decides on such a decoration of her body, the first place for a drawing that comes to mind is the hand. The tattoos on the arm are the most noticeable. And, of course, the most important question is the drawing style..


The style of the drawing is very important both for the person who is going to get a tattoo and for the artist who will do it..

The most common styles for girls are:

  1. anime;
  2. graphics;
  3. minimalism;
  4. newschool;
  5. watercolor;
  6. engraving;
  7. biomechanics;
  8. ornamental;
  9. realism.

Tattoo on hand for girls - anime - photo 16 Tattoo on hand for girls - anime - photo 14 Tattoo on hand for girls - anime - photo 13


Japanese cartoons have become very common. Love for drawn characters sometimes passes into the real world and pours out into creativity.

Especially girls are prone to deification of fictitious images. Idealizing and praising your favorite anime character, this love often develops into drawings on the body..

Tattoos in this style are both colored and black and white, it all depends on the chosen character.


The graphic style appeared over thirty years ago. Punk culture, postmodernism and vintage engravings made a great contribution to it..

Distinctive features of the graph style are:

  • the use of strictly black and white colors;
  • shading with strokes;
  • lack of blurry colors;
  • intentionally highlighted strokes.

It is usually chosen by girls who are prone to simplicity and conciseness, because graphic-style images are very similar to drawings in a notebook with an ordinary pencil. But the simplicity of the drawing is deceiving. A talented master with clear black lines without any halftones will create a masterpiece on your hand.


The most mysterious and interesting tattoo style is minimalism. It appeared in the second half of the twentieth century.

The distinctive features of the minimalism style are:

  • drawings of a simple form;
  • neutral colors (gray, black, white);
  • most often have a small volume.

For all the seeming simplicity of the drawing, it hides the sacred meaning of the outlines. Complex in the simple. The encrypted meaning is understandable only to the owner of the tattoo, or the meaning is only for a certain circle of people.


New school appeared in the seventies in the USA. The distinctive features of this style are:

  • acid tones;
  • cartoon image;
  • dense color;
  • ironic plot.

Bright, spontaneous, interesting, infectious with their energy people prefer this tattoo style. At first glance, such a tattoo may seem frivolous and cartoonish, but if you look closely, you can see how the drawing is trying to break out of the frame outlined by the master. Likewise, girls who choose this style are extraordinary..


This style was completely transferred from traditional fine art, where paints were diluted with water and due to this, airy and light paintings were created..

Distinctive features of watercolors are:

  • loose paint;
  • there is no specific theme in the drawing – it can be either a landscape or a portrait or, in general, an abstraction;
  • volumetric drawings.

Watercolors are most suitable for delicate, sophisticated and vulnerable girls, since drawings in this theme are similar to works of art. This style is unique, does not tolerate boring black and white paint..


It appeared at the beginning of the 2000s thanks to the graphic art, which is represented by prints. It is considered difficult to perform and it is not easy for an inexperienced master.

Distinctive features of the engraving style are:

  • monotony;
  • lack of halftones and gradients;
  • outlines imitate cut lines;
  • hatch lines are parallel to each other, but have different lengths.

Such a tattoo will suit dreamy girls who prefer plots from old books with illustrations of mythical creatures or fantastic flowers and plants..


It was born in the 80s, when films about cyborgs and robots were released on the screens. As a rule, biomechanical drawings do not imply any sacred meaning, and experienced craftsmen strongly recommend that you carefully consider the decision before stuffing something like this on your body..

The distinctive features of the biomechanical style are:

  • a sufficiently large area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe tattoo;
  • images in the form of various mechanisms;
  • three-dimensional drawings.

This kind of tattoo is preferred by dreamer girls who are extraordinary personalities and think outside the box..


This is a completely new style that appeared just a few years ago. But, despite this, the roots of its appearance go far into the past. Ornamental homeland is the Polynesian tribes.

Most of the ornaments have a sacred meaning, they personify the harmony of the inner and outer world of a person.

Distinctive features of the ornamented style are:

  • a sufficiently large area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe tattoo;
  • distinct, crisp lines;
  • the drawing resembles wood carving.

Girls who choose an ornament are very mysterious, not inclined to fashion trends. They clearly know why they need this tattoo and what is the meaning of it..


This style appeared at the end of the nineteenth century. In the absence of photographs, sailors and soldiers made tattoos for themselves depicting relatives and friends. At the same time, in our time, a tattoo in the style of realism is significantly different from what it was before. And the master must have significant artistic talent in order to recreate an accurate depiction on the body..

The distinctive features of the realism style are:

  • extremely accurate images of all details;
  • covering a sufficiently large area;
  • the ability to use any palette of colors.

This kind of tattoo is chosen by girls who want to perpetuate the appearance of a lover on themselves or as a tribute to an adored artist. Also, religious themes are not uncommon in this style..

It does not matter in what style the tattoo will be performed, it is important to understand the meaning that is invested in this creation and the realization that it will remain for life..

Photo of drawings of a female tattoo on the arm dated 12/11/2020 (1676 photos)

The text of the article was prepared by: ELENABEE (Elena Bazarova)