How to get a temporary tattoo at home

Many people like to experiment with the appearance, especially young people. When it comes to the issue of tattoos, it becomes difficult to make a definite decision..

How to get a temporary tattoo at home – all the fun

Not everyone dares to apply a real drawing on the body, since then it will be problematic to remove it from the skin, if the need arises. To understand whether you need a tattoo and whether it will be comfortable to walk with it, you can apply a temporary drawing.

Possible options

To carry out your plan and make a temporary tattoo at home, you can use the means at hand. There are several options for creating a temporary tattoo, so you can do without unnecessary costs and hassle by choosing the best way. Before getting down to business, you need to develop a sketch. You can draw it yourself if you have a well-developed imagination and you clearly know which symbol should be depicted and what it should symbolize. Otherwise, you should look at sketches and photos of tattoos, compare them and choose the option you like, and then try to redraw it..

When you decide on the choice, you need to prepare the accessories for applying the image..

A temporary tattoo can be created in the following ways:

  • using henna;
  • with a pencil;
  • using a stencil;
  • through transfer paper;
  • decorative lenses.

Each technique has its own characteristics, and in order to choose the best one, you need to understand the details.

Using henna

Henna tattoo is the most common one used by people since ancient times. You can buy the substance from the store and add other ingredients to it at home to make a paste. It is important to know that ordinary henna (for dyeing hair) will not work; you need a powder suitable for creating a tattoo. You need to look for it in places that sell natural cosmetics. Then you need to prepare a special tattoo paste to enhance the effect of henna. This requires the following components:

  • lemon juice;
  • tea or coffee;
  • olive oil.

You need to fill a cup with tea or coffee (at your discretion), drip a little oil and three teaspoons of undiluted lemon juice into the liquid. The resulting solution must be stirred, and then prepare a separate mug and pour four teaspoons of loose henna into it. Next, the contents of two cups are mixed and whipped until a consistency resembles mud in color and density. The resulting paste must be left for 1.5 hours so that it cools well and becomes suitable for effective use..

When everything is ready, you need to start the process of creating a tattoo using the materials at hand (syringes, thin sticks, cone-shaped bags, brushes, etc.). The paste must be applied in a dense layer (3-4 mm), and when the drawing is completed, it is necessary to leave it unchanged for an hour so that it dries. You need to carefully remove the paste from the treated skin area, it is better to scrape it off with something. It is not recommended to expose a fresh tattoo to water. The brown color will appear approximately three days after the drawing is applied. Such a tattoo will stay on the body for 2-3 weeks, and its durability will decrease if it is often washed with water..

Learn more about henna tattoos and see photo examples – https: /// pictures-of-tattoos / mexendi-xna-foto-eskizy-i-kartinki-dlya-uzorov-mexendi /.

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Pencil tattooing

This method is good if the intended drawing has thick lines and simple outlines without complex patterns and details. To create a temporary tattoo, the most common eyeliner pencil is suitable. To make the drawing look more natural, you need to choose the optimal size for it (not too small, but also not very large). The pencil must be free of oil and shine, otherwise the tattoo will not be stable enough. You can choose any color, not only black. Do not replace the pencil with liquid eyeliner, as it will not bring the expected result..

First you need to practice creating the image, and when the tattoo is brought to its proper form, you can embellish it.

With the help of a cotton pad, you can create beautiful shadows, transitions. Sometimes such drawings are colored with special pens designed for drawing on the body. When the tattoo is ready, you need to lightly sprinkle it with hairspray. This will help to consolidate the result, but it is important not to overdo it, otherwise the skin will tighten and become sticky. Such a tattoo can remain intact for a day, and if necessary, it can be easily washed off with plain water and soap..

Stencil application

You can buy a ready-made template in the store or make it at home. If you decide to make it yourself, you need to take cardboard, draw a blank for a future tattoo on it and carefully cut it out with small scissors. The simplest options are geometric shapes, but you can prepare a complex pattern, the main thing is not to disturb it in the process of preparing the stencil. An ornament would be an excellent option, since it can be composed of simple objects, but at the same time the tattoo will turn out to be spectacular..

When the template is ready, it should be applied to the desired area of ​​the body and pressed firmly. Then you can create a stencil tattoo using special body paints. You should not take simple gouache, watercolors or felt-tip pens for these purposes. It is necessary to exclude the risk of allergic reactions and skin pollution, so it is worthwhile to prepare in advance paints that are suitable for painting on the body.

If you can’t hold the stencil and draw at the same time, you can carefully secure it with tape. Such a tattoo lasts for a short period of time (several days), but it is easy to apply and wash off..

There is more information about stencils, there are photos of interesting options – https: /// pictures-of-tattoos / mexendi-xna-foto-eskizy-i-kartinki-dlya-uzorov-mexendi / trafarety-mexendi /.

Transfer paper

In childhood, many people found inserts with portable tattoos in chewing gum. From such materials, you can easily copy the image onto the skin, but you need to take into account some of the nuances. It is better to develop a sketch yourself, because ready-made options that are designed for kids can hardly meet the wishes of adults. You can purchase special temporary tattoo paper from online stores. Tattoo designs can be developed using Adobe Photoshop.

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When the template is ready, you need to put the self-adhesive paper into the printer and print the image. The matt surface must remain clean. The resulting sample must be cut and then applied to the skin, pressed firmly and held for a minute. Such tattoos last for about a week, then they can be washed off with plain water, a brush and soap..

Here is more information about transferable temporary tattoos, there are photo examples – https: /// pictures-of-tattoos / fotografii-kartinki-tatuirovok-po-prinadlezhnosti / vremennye-tatu /.

Decorative lenses

This method is very simple and perfect for glamorous girls. You need to buy rhinestones, pebbles or sparkles, hypoallergenic glue or film, as well as a stencil.

You can make a temporary tattoo from a template or manually lay out patterns from decorative materials. Lenses can be purchased at any jewelry store. It is not recommended to make such patterns in the area of ​​the eyes and nose, so as not to risk health and not be accidentally damaged. Such tattoos stay on the skin for up to two weeks..

Images that can be easily removed provide plenty of room for imagination. You can safely experiment with different variations of the tattoo, and then make a real one, if necessary..

Here is more information about flash tattoos, there are photo examples – https: /// pictures-of-tattoos / fotografii-kartinki-tatuirovok-po-prinadlezhnosti / blesk-tatu-glitter-foto /.

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