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Blood type tattoo on World Blood Donor Day – June 14

From the material you will learn about how World Blood Donor Day is celebrated, read interesting facts about this date – June 14, see photos of thematic drawings of a tattoo with a blood group.

Blood type tattoo on World Blood Donor Day - June 14 - information and photos

Tattoo with a blood group on World Blood Donor Day – June 14: information about the features and photos of tattoo drawings

World Blood Donor Day is celebrated in 193 UN countries. The date was initiated in 2005 at the initiative of WHO. On June 14, to celebrate World Blood Donor Day, they chose and timed to coincide with the birthday of Karl Landsteiner, who discovered the division of blood into groups.

Blood donation history

The very word “donation” means “to give”, as well as the procedure itself. Donation involves the donation of human blood for medical purposes.

Thanks to donation, medicine has the ability to make transfusions, prepare drugs and conduct research.

The very same procedure for donating blood is not just harmless, but even useful: it stimulates the work of internal organs and immunity, prevents atherosclerosis and heart disease.

Interesting Facts

  • Living in Australia, James Harrison has specific antibodies in his blood that are able to help newborns. During his life, he donated more than 560 liters of blood and preparations prepared on its basis helped 2,000,000 newborns.
  • A resident of Volgograd – Yuri Martynov, who is now 62 years old has a rare 4th blood group. During his life, he donated blood more than 411 times and is listed in the Russian Book of Records.
  • Vladimir Nikolaev from Ukraine first donated blood at the age of 21, over the next 40 years he donated 400 liters of blood and 200 liters of plasma, became an honorary donor of the USSR and Ukraine. In Ukraine he was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine.

The date is aimed at expressing gratitude to donors who save a huge number of lives by their actions and to draw people’s attention to the problem and needs of donation..

Have you donated blood? Maybe you are a donor on a permanent basis? What do you think about blood type tattoo designs? Leave your opinion in the comments under the material.

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Photo examples of tattoo drawings with a blood group from 06/14/2020 (76 photos)