Modern tattoos that can be turned off

From the material you will learn about tattoos that can be “turned off”, or more precisely, without any special problems and discomfort, remove the tattoo pattern from the body by means of modern, special tattoo paints that are easily removed from under the skin in a special way.

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Modern tattoos that can be turned off – the facts


  • A feature of the new ink is the ability to make them invisible with a single session and not long-term laser exposure.
  • The molecular structure of the new ink differs from conventional ink, which makes the tattoo design invisible in less than an hour

A little about the developer company

The new tattoo ink was developed by Inque, which has already tattooed more than 3,300 volunteers using the tattoo pigments it has developed as part of the project..

The company focuses on those people who love tattoos, and love them so much that they often do not have their own body to apply drawings. existing tattoo at any time, quickly and painlessly can be removed and replaced with another.

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American tattoo market

Today, about three out of ten US residents have a tattoo – this is almost the same situation with iPhone products in the smartphone field..

The demand for tattoos is growing steadily, especially among young people. More than $ 1.7 billion reportedly invested in the tattoo services and equipment market in the USA in 2019.

Robb Osinski, the executive director of Inque, says that their development is aimed at people who love a tattoo, who like it, but due to doubts about the choice of the pattern, fearing the consistency of the tattooed image, they stop and do not apply the tattoo pattern to the body.

The company does not want to go the standard way, “Inque” does not just want to release its pigment to the tattoo equipment market, they want to open their own network of salons for such a “tattoo is not forever” and are currently negotiating with investors to open a network of tattoo parlors in 2020 in NYC.

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This development is not the first on the market. Back in 2017, a group of students from New York University of Technology was developing a tattoo paint that had the ability to fade over time, which subsequently led to the disappearance of the pattern. On the website of this group of developers in 2017, information appeared that they were not planning to enter the market with their development in a year, but their website “Ephemeral Tattoos” has not been updated since then..

How Inque ink works

The developers say that their tattoo pigment does not fade over time, their paint, if the client wishes, can remain under the skin on a permanent basis. By the way, the process of applying a tattoo with this ink is no different from the standard one and will be familiar to any tattoo artist..

New inks are distinguished by the fact that their removal, if necessary, using a special laser, occurs in a matter of minutes and in one session, without physical discomfort, which is incomparably more acceptable in comparison with the procedure for laser tattoo removal made with classic tattoo pigments..

In the process of laser action, there is no molecular destruction of paint particles, as in the case of classical laser tattoo removal, which can require many sessions and is often delayed for months, but a change occurs that makes the pigment transparent, which visually “turns off” the tattoo.

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The company’s management sees the future of its product in the format of its own tattoo parlors, where masters will work who will be qualified to work with this ink, and the very specifics of the institution will exclude situations in which ink will be mixed with others, which will lead to a lack of a result with a comfortable “Turning off” the tattoo, and any other excesses that could undermine the brand.