Beautiful girls with tattoos

Has the Instagram feed become boring and monotonous? Do you want something bright and attractive? Maybe beautiful girls or tattoos will save the day? Or maybe all together?

Your attention is provided with TOP 7 beautiful girls with tattoos, which you should subscribe.

Beautiful girls with tattoos - original tattoo designs on photos and girls' accounts in social networks

Beautiful girls with tattoos – original tattoo designs on photos and girls’ accounts in social networks


  1. Monami Frost (@monamifrost)

The girl was born on January 5, 1994 in the city of Riga.

Currently he lives in England with her husband and daughter. She works as a model and artist, and her husband is one of the best tattoo artists in Europe. Monami positions herself as vegan and SXE.

Monami Frost (@monamifrost) - photo 4 Monami Frost (@monamifrost) - photo 3 Monami Frost (@monamifrost) - photo 1

  1. Bow fight (@bantikboy)

The 28-year-old, full of colored tattoos from head to toe, is an alternative model and, more recently, a DJ. Participated in the 3rd season of the show “Bachelor”. At the moment, in a relationship with Ravil Karimov, guitarist of Yegor Creed.

Valentina (bow’s real name) travels a lot, so her instagram is replete with photos from all over the world. The girl maintains her own YouTube channel, on which she uploads videos from travels.

Bow fight (@bantikboy) - photo4

Bow fight (@bantikboy) - photo 3 Bow fight (@bantikboy) - photo 2 Bow fight (@bantikboy) - photo 1

  1. Thaya Salad (@teya_salat)

In the past, a very successful tattoo model, at the moment decided to devote herself to her family. Thaya has appeared on more than 15 covers of foreign magazines, and is also the face of clothing brands Sullen and Rebounce. Despite the fact that at the moment she can not be seen so often on the set, the girl is still recognizable all over the world..

Teya Salad (@teya_salat) - photo 4

Teya Salad (@teya_salat) - photo 3 Teya Salat (@teya_salat) - photo 2 Teya Salad (@teya_salat) - photo 1

  1. Snezhanna Vinnichenko (@__snegga__)

The insanely positive girl Snezha, a native of Magadan, is a specialist in the field of bright hair coloring. She and her team also organize painting workshops. At times, the girl participates in photo shoots. Snezhanna has her own channel on youtube, where she talks about the nuances of work, tests various dyes and just shares her life.

Snezhanna Vinnichenko (@__snegga__) - photo 4

Snezhanna Vinnichenko (@__snegga__) - photo 3 Snezhanna Vinnichenko (@__snegga__) - photo 2 Snezhanna Vinnichenko (@__snegga__) - photo 1

  1. I hate indignantly (@yadvkrovi)

The girl gained wide popularity among users. It may be less well-known than the models presented above, but also how they deserve attention. Masha (real name) beats the tattoo with the handpoke technique, periodically participates in photo shoots.

Photo I hate indignant (@yadvkrovi) 27.10.2018 №004 - @yadvkrovi -

Photo I hate indignant (@yadvkrovi) 27.10.2018 №003 - @yadvkrovi - Photo I hate indignant (@yadvkrovi) 27.10.2018 №002 - @yadvkrovi - Photo I hate indignant (@yadvkrovi) 27.10.2018 №001 - @yadvkrovi -

  1. Anastasia Kamolova (@cute_satan)

Anastasia graduated from York University in York, England. Neuropsychologist by education. Works by profession at the neurosurgical institute of the city of St. Petersburg. Nastya began to get clogged with a tattoo at the age of 15. Now she is 26, she is happily married and has a wonderful son..

In her profile, she talks about work, how patients react to her appearance, reflects on the attitude of society towards tattooed mothers and generally shares useful information from her experience..

Anastasia Kamolova (@cute_satan) - photo 4

Anastasia Kamolova (@cute_satan) - photo 3 Anastasia Kamolova (@cute_satan) - photo 2 Anastasia Kamolova (@cute_satan) - photo 1

  1. Ekaterina Shalnaya (@kitb_hell)

Petersburg model, starring mainly in erotic photo shoots. The girl herself is from Irkutsk, where she left in 2009 and that’s when it all started. Katya made her first tattoo at the age of 20, and calls the skull of a half-dead cat, which is stuffed on her back, the most favorite tattoo on her body. The girl can often be seen at rap parties. She also starred in the video for rapper Viti SD.

Ekaterina Shalnaya (@kitb_hell) - photo 1

Ekaterina Shalnaya (@kitb_hell) - photo 4 Ekaterina Shalnaya (@kitb_hell) - photo 3 Ekaterina Shalnaya (@kitb_hell) - photo 2

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