Bartolo Colon showed a new dramatic tattoo that takes up almost his entire left arm

Despite the fact that the baseball player has already reached the venerable age of forty-five, he has already managed to play for several top teams such as the Chicago White Sox, the New York Yankees and the Oakland Athletics, until he signed with Texas Rangers “. The pitcher has amazed fans with his signature pitches more than once, but even now Bartolo Colon still finds ways to “upgrade” himself and surprise even the most sophisticated baseball fans..

Bartolo Colon showed a new dramatic tattoo - photo 1

Bartolo Colon revealed a new dramatic tattoo – the facts

No, he hasn’t added new innings to his shooting arsenal, although Colon is already famous for being able to throw fastball at great speed from almost anywhere on the field. And no, he hasn’t announced that he will play in position next season (could you even imagine that?). Best American pitcher found a more fun way to wow fans.

What Colon showed the world in the eighteenth inning, when the Texas Rangers lost 13-0 to the Seattle Mariners at Globe Life Park, was much bigger. Literally. It turned out that Colon suddenly decided to get a new tattoo, which takes up almost all of his left arm. It depicts a rainbow-colored, angel-like creature fighting someone who definitely looks like a devil..

In general, this scene depicts the battle between the archangel Michael and the devil and it looks amazing. In general, the image of this saint is a popular subject for a tattoo sketch. It may seem to some that this is a rather strange choice, but, apparently, for Colon it was a cherished dream..

“This is Archangel Michael. I have wanted to get such a tattoo for a long time, ”Colon commented after the match. “This year I finally decided that I would do it, but it was too hot. The tattoo would not heal well. Fortunately, it got cooler then and I rushed to fill it up over the weekend, ”he explained, having a day off at the Texas Rangers last Thursday..

A photo of the tattoo instantly appeared on the Internet and caused a heated discussion in social networks. Of course, fans and ordinary people are very interested in what influenced Bartolo’s choice. It’s hard to judge anything from his restrained comment. Maybe the athlete is extremely religious? Or is it influenced by John Milton’s novel Paradise Lost? In any case, we will never know the answer to these questions..

Bartolo Colon showed a new dramatic tattoo - photo 2

It should be admitted that the tattoo is top notch. A bright detailed image, all emotions are perfectly read on the faces of the characters. It seems that the famous plot began to play with new colors on the hand of the famous baseball player.

An interesting fact: a portrait of Bartolo himself flaunts on the arm of a baseball fantasy. A man named Matt Sassi made a bet in one of the matches: if Bartolo manages to score a home run, he will get a tattoo on his face. Matt and his friends attended the match in person to witness this success. No sooner said than done. Even though Matt turned out to be a man of his word, his tattoo does not look as pretty as Bartolo’s tattoo. Apparently, you need to think about your bets more carefully, although Matt believes that in this situation he would rather win than lose. Sassi is happy he got a tattoo. “I will show it to the children – if I ever have them,” he commented, “as long as I can show the tattoo to my little nephew.”.

Returning to the topic, we sincerely congratulate Bartolo on his new tattoo. It really looks epic. We hope that the new tattoo will herald a new round of career, full of memorable victories and bright matches..

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Prepared by: MPRIBYTKOVA (Pribytkova Maria Alekseevna)