American plumber got a tattoo in the hope of a future victory for the Chicago Bluehawks hockey team

There are many known cases when people did not just a tattoo, and not even a tattoo with a deep personal meaning, but a tattoo in honor of an idol, favorite TV series, favorite poem, song, or sports team. Of course, this will surprise no one, and perhaps such a choice is even better than the name of the second half, which may one day become not a half at all..

But there are also those who, having made a commemorative drawing, predict events..

Russell Pedersen turned out to be one of them..

American plumber got a tattoo in the hope of a future victory for the Chicago Bluehawks hockey team - photo

Team history

The Chicago Bluehawks is a professional American ice hockey club playing in the NHL. The team was sold in the 1920s in Chicago to multimillionaire Frederick McLaughlin. Once he served in the infantry of the US Army, which bore the name “Blackhawk”, which means Black Hawk Down, so it was not difficult for him to come up with a name. Since 1926, the team has won the Stanley Cup six times, and in its long history has found its loyal fans. Illinois plumber Russell Pedersen became one of the same..

Dedicated fan from the USA

Russell Pedersen began his fan journey with a Stanley Cup tattoo, which was eventually joined by the dates 2012-2013 and 2014-2015. In those years, his favorite team also became the owner of the winners’ cup. Russell himself comments that this is only blind devotion to the team. When he tattooed the number 2017, he stated that he now has the same premonition as he did in 2015. Speaking about himself, he describes himself as a hockey guy, adding that after death he would like to listen to Nirvana and watch the Bluehawks play for all eternity. Now he will enjoy the game of his favorite team with great pleasure, celebrating the future deafening victories from year to year..

To get a tattoo like that. He doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary, after all, people get worse tattoos. In his opinion, it would be much worse to fill in someone’s name. In the end, the number 7 will be easy for 8 or 9, in case of defeat of your favorite team this year, because next, Russell is sure, they will definitely win.

Experts’ assessments

According to betting professionals, the Chicago Bluehawks are one of the top contenders for the win. In 2017, bookmakers predicted their odds as 6 to 1. According to the team’s fans, the players know their job well and each of them is a professional, which has been proven more than once..

One way or another, the team failed to win the Stanley Cup in 2017. It is hoped that Russell was able to successfully correct the pile tattoo, and continues to be a devoted fan of the team, attending their games and blindly believing in victory. In any case, the meaning of the tattoo is not so much in the dates as in the cup itself, which Russell stuffed on his arm, and which constantly reminds him that the Blackhawks are definitely the best of the best. The team itself has long lifted the bar in NHL games and is simply obliged to maintain it, because everything in Chicago is literally on its ears, celebrating day and all night, after another victory.

Prepared by: komlevaas (Komleva Anastasia Sergeevna)