Thoughts on a tattoo

So why has there been such heated debate around tattoos for many millennia? The tattoo is blessed and cursed. She is endowed with magical powers. She is perceived as a sign of the gods. The tattoo is condemned, associating it with the name of the devil. She acts as an integral part of everyday social life. Every day thousands of people around the world come to tattoo studios to join the ranks of tattoo lovers. And at the same time, thousands of tattoo owners are eager to get rid of their jewelry as soon as possible..

Thoughts on tattoo photos

Thoughts on tattoo photos

It is clear that the tattoo craze is not a tribute to the changing fashion, because the history of tattoo goes back millennia. The art of tattooing is as old as music, painting, literature. Of course, these classical arts are also controversial. However, no one questions their very right to exist. The tattoo is periodically trying to ban, destroy, consign to oblivion. Fortunately, unsuccessfully.

Interest in tattooing does not fade away. The technique of tattooing is being improved. New styles and directions appear, old ones develop and transform. The scope of tattoo technology is expanding all the time. Proof of this is permanent makeup, which combines the features of a tattoo and make up..

Finally, there is a temporary henna tattoo, as if specially invented for people who, for whatever reason, cannot afford a classic tattoo..

So is it possible or not to get a tattoo? Is it decent, is it safe? Does a tattoo adorn a person or spoil our body?

Who will answer all these questions? Who will explain the paradoxes? Culturologists, ethnographers, historians, psychologists, sociologists? Probably, it’s high time to come up with a special science that will study such a phenomenon of human culture and civilization as a tattoo.?

Or maybe the reason for the inexhaustible popularity of tattoos lies deeper? It’s just that, in spite of everything, the lightest part of the human soul is drawn to beauty, and a tattoo is just a small attempt to become a little more beautiful yourself, in order to transform the whole world someday..