Tattoo Marketing – Food For Tattoos

Tattooing has long ceased to be a rarity. In the modern world, people are ready to provide a part of their body for advertising. Most often, their goal is not only self-expression, but also getting benefits. Many brands are willing to pay to have their logo on the person, as the visual impact of advertising should not be underestimated. Selling your body for a drawing is gaining popularity. However, the stories of tattoos, whose brave wearers are entitled to free food, are often full of misunderstandings. Discounts are another matter, in which case companies are less likely to allow themselves to change the terms of promotions..

Body for food.

Most often, “edible” promotions are organized by the owners of establishments serving fast food. A couple of decades ago in Mexico, Casa Sanchez pledged to provide free lunches for customers who would tattoo the logo of a joyful Mexican in a traditional headdress riding on corn. But when the number of participants exceeded fifty, the action had to be closed, since the owners were not ready for such a stir. According to some reports, they resumed this action, but it took as long as 10 years..

The sandwich chain Melt, located in one of the US states, has honestly provided a lifetime 25% discount for the past few years if a person has a tattoo with the company’s logo – a cheese sandwich. The Russian chain “Dodo Pizza” was pleasantly surprised by such an act. The pizzeria gave an eternal 15% discount to the owner of the tattoo with her logo.

An equally popular promotion is stripping for the opportunity to get food without money or at a large discount. There is a known case when the owners of a cafe in Chelyabinsk offered their customers to take off their clothes in order to get food for free..

Domino’s Pizza success or failure.

To attract a new clientele, the Russian branch of the American company Domino’s Pizza decided to launch another advertising campaign, in which anyone could take part. The main condition is to get a tattoo in the form of dominoes, which are the brand’s logo, on an uncovered part of the body. Domino’s promised everyone who took this step a free pizza certificate that would be valid for a hundred years. However, after only a few days, the network was scared of the number of people ready to take part in the action, since it had already exceeded three hundred. Representatives of Domino’s Pizza quickly changed the conditions for obtaining the certificate, clarifying that only the first 350 people will be able to take advantage of the announced offer, although they previously argued that there are no restrictions on the number of applications. The exceptions were those who at that moment were already in a session with a tattoo artist. Owners of tattoos with the pizzeria logo, who managed to quickly upload a photo with the hashtag #domino forever, can receive up to one hundred pizzas annually. They are quite satisfied with the result of the campaign, despite the fact that they must annually confirm the presence of a picture with the brand logo on their bodies in order to receive a certificate for the next new year. But if you look at the situation as a whole, this advertising campaign, organized by the Russian branch of the American pizza chain, failed miserably. Many clients wishing to take part in the deadline indicated by the rules and get a tattoo for food turned away from the brand, unable to endure such a negligent attitude. But it is worth remembering that this is not the first action carried out by Domino’s, earlier the network treated everyone to free pizza without requiring tattoos.

Prepared by: summerfox (Olga)