Tattoo for Virgo – popular tattoo options

A tattoo is not only a beautiful design on the body, but also a real prediction for future destiny. What kind of tattoos are most suitable for people born under the sign of the virgin? You should find out about this by reading the article to the end..

The general psychological characteristics of the sign are expressed in extraordinary hard work, helpfulness, wisdom and calmness. People under this sign, who want to decorate the body with a tattoo, most often apply an inverted letter “M” to the skin, which is a symbol of purity, order and distribution of everything that is called “on the shelves.”.

tattoo letter tattoo letter tattoo letter

tattoo letter tattoo letter tattoo letter

In addition, such an image, placed in the lower abdomen or in the waist area, helps people develop their intuition to the maximum level. Such a drawing should be applied to the body with full coloring, and not just drawing out the contour. The best colors for virgins are gray and white, blue, blue, purple and light or dark emerald.

Images in the form of cubes or vats are also very good for virgins, but, nevertheless, the letter “M” remains the most popular among tattoos.

A silhouette or a vaguely depicted profile is great as an image for a tattoo. And then, and then in this case means the subtle organization of the feminine principle. Very often, such an image is supplemented with the lucky numbers of the sign, that is, the number 14, 3 or 5. These numbers have always carried and carry people born under the astrological sign of Virgo, happiness and good luck. It will be very good to complement the tattoo with an image of an aster flower, a poppy and a snowdrop, or with branches of an almond tree..

Tattoo Letter Number - Virgo 1 tattoo letter number - virgo 2 Tattoo Letter Number - Virgo 3

By depicting a grasshopper on the body, a virgin can protect herself from any evil spirits, since this chirping insect is a mental symbol of people born under the constellation of this sign. As for the magic of the stone, the most important protective talisman for this sign can be a decoration in which there is a splash of jasper or jade. Very often tattoos are written in Sanskrit and the language of Tibet..

Very often people under the sign of the virgin choose for tattoos images of guardian angels or icons that protect this sign. Most often, the Virgin Mary or the Most Holy Theotokos is depicted. Floral ornaments are most suitable for young girls with a fine spiritual organization..

In most cases, the image of a virgin symbolizes loyalty to one’s own principles, purity, innocence, increased extrasensory sensitivity and excellent logical thinking..

The face of the Virgin is very often depicted by tattooists as if he were dressed in a lilac or light lilac cloak. When the maidens are depicted by artists, various containers with wheat spikelets are usually used to decorate. Among other things, such a tattoo can be done with the image not of wheat spikelets, but of corn cobs..

Virgin Mary Tattoo - Virgo 1 Virgin Mary Tattoo - Virgo 2 Virgin Mary Tattoo - Virgo 3

Virgin Mary Tattoo - Virgo 4 Virgin Mary Tattoo - Virgo 5 Virgin Mary Tattoo - Virgo 6

Virgin Mary Tattoo - Virgo 7 Virgin Mary Tattoo - Virgo 8 Virgin Mary Tattoo - Virgo 9

Very well, the image of the virgin helps pregnant women to give birth to healthy children without complications. In France, the Maid of Orleans is rightfully considered a sacred symbol..

Prepared by: vari14 (Moiseeva Valeria Eduardovna)