Risk factors and negative consequences of tattoos

Here you can find out about risk factors and negative consequences of tattoos, get advice and learn how to avoid negativity from drawing a tattoo on the body.


The article is for informational purposes only! If any negative consequences occur after applying a tattoo (any other health problems), you should definitely seek qualified medical help from a specialized institution.

Risk factors and negative consequences of tattoos - information and recommendations

Risk factors and negative consequences of tattoos – information and recommendations

Risk factors and negative consequences of tattoos – all the most important

Long gone are the days when tattoos were a sign of belonging to different sectors of society. Now Is a common way of self-expression, a welcome touch to a bright and unique image.

But drawings on the body are inextricably linked to health..

Before decorating your body, you should familiarize yourself with all kinds of risks. After all generally accepted consequences known to anyone who wants to get a tattoo – HIV and hepatitis. But this is just a small part of what can go wrong..


Features of the composition and health.

Allergy – those who are prone to various allergic reactions should be especially thoughtful about tattooing. Yellow colors are considered especially allergenic, due to the high content of ocher and chromium oxide..


  • Few people think, but the authorities that control the composition of paints – does not exist. And even the most experienced craftsman will not be able to predict the body’s reaction to the substances they contain..


Skin diseases – eczema, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis are companions of many people, practically not amenable to treatment. Skin rashes not only interfere with the artist’s drawing, but can also worsen after the procedure..


  • Sometimes, the first signs of psoriasis appear after visiting a tattoo parlor, but this is more unprofessional than statistics. During periods of remission and stationary stage, masters often agree to the procedure.


Diabetes – with this endocrine disease, tattoos are categorically contraindicated. Skin vessels become brittle, immunity is weakened. During the procedure, due to painful sensations, the sugar level drops, which can provoke an attack.


  • But even with this disease, a tattoo is possible. – with the permission of the doctor and the consent of the tattoo artist. Instruments will be double processed and the client will need to have an insulin pump.


If, after drawing a pattern, a rash, irritation appears, the skin itches and itches – this is a sure sign of incompatibility of the components.. In addition to the above, tattoos are prohibited in the event of:


  • pregnancy and breastfeeding period;
  • flu and ARVI diseases;
  • serious heart pathologies;
  • blood clotting problems.


In the presence of these diseases, the negative consequences of tattooing vary from the difficulties of drawing a picture and the timing of its healing, to serious exacerbations of diseases..


How to avoid.


First of all, sleep well before the procedure. Eat and never drink alcohol – it thins the blood, reducing clotting. The procedure is contraindicated in women during the menstrual period..

Secondly, clearly express your wishes and contact trusted specialists. High prices are not always an indicator of quality. But a hefty portfolio, positive reviews and satisfied customers are usually trustworthy..

And thirdly – follow instructions. You should not shave your hair yourself before the procedure – everything necessary will be done by a professional. After applying the tattoo, in order to avoid negative consequences, the tattoo parlor will provide competent instructions for caring for the drawing. Least:

  • avoid direct sunlight;
  • do not wet the tattoo and avoid rubbing;
  • wear loose cotton clothing;
  • use special healing creams;
  • in no case rip off the formed crusts.


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Tattoo – an original way of self-expression, limited only by the imagination of the customer and the capabilities of the masters. In order for the trip to the tattoo parlor to leave only pleasant impressions, you should take a responsible attitude to the choice of the master, and the subsequent care of the drawing..

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