Is that Patrick Mahomes on your leg? How a tattoo artist perpetuates the love of champions.

Finally, we met with the tattoo artist Timur, a sturdy 35-year-old owner of a tattoo parlor with a pleasant, tattooed appearance. Among his tattoos is everything that a man in love with his work can wish for, especially the attributes of his favorite football team, which has recently become a leader. This includes the Chiefs emblem on his left pinky, an arrowhead (another emblem) on his right wrist, and a tiny but faded Chiefs helmet under his left eye..

It's Patrick Magomes on Your Leg - How a Tattoo Artist Perpetuates the Love of Champions - Facts & Photos

It’s Patrick Magomes on Your Leg – How a Tattoo Artist Perpetuates the Love of Champions – Facts & Photos

How a tattoo artist immortalizes love for champions – interesting facts

– I’ll delete it soon. I don’t want to show up at the school where I take my children with a tattoo on my face, says Timur.

“Jump over here,” Timur said to his client, 33-year-old Boris, a hefty and chatty trucker. He feigned whimpering, seeing that in a second the needles would be thrust into his ankle:

– I’m afraid! – Boris shouted, laughing, – I’m afraid!

Boris, a father of five, climbed onto the top of the massage table, pulled up the right side of his sweatpants, and showed me Timur’s previous work – it was a whole gallery of sports champions and movie heroes who painted his entire leg from foot to upper thigh. There were many celebrities there, including martial arts actor Jean-Claude Van Damme and football and basketball stars..

Today on his ankle will be a tattoo of Hamilton Porter – the hero of the movie “Sandbox”. But first you need to shave the client’s leg..

– Oh no, make it better inside the thigh!

Next in line is another famous footballer (I don’t want to mention his name here), the place for which remains only under Boris’s right buttock (which is why I don’t want to).

But among all this gallery of fame, there is an athlete on Boris’s feet, whom he considers “the best among everyone who has ever held a soccer ball in his hands.” This is Patrick Magomes, and now he is together with Boris (or rather, his body) forever.

Other tattoo parlors have also noted a slight increase in demand for Team Chiefs tattoos, although this does not at all reflect the current state of affairs in the team. But in Timur’s salon, the demand is simply off scale, and everyone basically wants a Patrick tattoo..

“Earlier,” Timur says, “this was not the case. Only once every two months did the customer come, wanting to get Patrick’s tattoo. Now there is no end to them, 3-4 times a week I “draw” it.

Timur is also a fan of Magomes and the Chiefs, and his father bought a season ticket for all the team’s games for a year in advance. Throughout his house – only the iconic colors of his favorite team: toys and rains on the New Year tree, curtains in all rooms and even a shower curtain. His wife, Elya, is also a fan, wears these colors on herself, and even dyed her hair accordingly. Long before the name of Magomes became on everyone’s lips, a large family already knew what they would call their new dog..

“I named her Magomes before we bought her out. They said to me: “What if she turns out to be a girl?” But I knew I was going to have a boy.

– It’s like in football: when you are 2 points behind and you can lose, you have to believe that only 2 points separate you from victory, so you will win. This is the difference. I’ve been a fan of the Chiefs for a long time, but before that I always knew we were going to fail. It was sad, and it even happened that I stopped worrying about the team. But now everything has changed. For the first time in my life I am sitting in front of the TV, and I am bursting with pride for this guy (Mahomes), I see what he is capable of. You know what I mean?”

The fans of the team know exactly what he means – which is why his phone is ringing incessantly now. Orders for Chiefs tattoos are scheduled for several weeks in advance, and if Timur wants, then months..

Demand flared up very quickly, right after the team defeated their arch-rivals in October. Some fans began to consider Mahomes the long-awaited messiah.

And it all started like this: the girl drove the car for two and a half hours in order to make an image of Patrick in Timur’s salon behind her knee. This was Timur’s first portrait of Magomes, the same one that later appeared on Boris’s thigh. Timur captured the characteristic look of Mahomes and his flowing hair under the black Chiefs headband. This image has long continued to win top awards in the professional tattoo community on social media. Timur posted it on his website as well..

-Then, – said Timur, – people just went crazy, they started downloading this image and posted it everywhere, on blogs, various fan sites, on Facebook..

Delighted with his success, Timur sent this photo to Magomes via Instagram. And got the answer!

– Yes, I saved it as a keepsake.

He took out his cell phone, and after a few seconds he found the answer of Magomes: “Hello. Great!”

About two weeks later, a reporter from a sports newspaper writing about Magomes fans came to the salon and photographed Timur tattooing a football player on Boris’s leg..

And then it began. Sports talk show reporters called to interview Timur. His work also made it onto television. Now Timur makes images of almost all the players of his favorite team. People ask him to get a tattoo of the Chiefs emblems and logos. Boris will soon have a large tattoo on his back, from shoulder to shoulder, where both the stadium of his favorite team and its emblem will be.

– I have a lady for whom I make portraits of two players at the same time, – Timur said, noting that each of the portraits costs from 24 to 36 thousand rubles and takes from 4 to 8 hours, depending on pain thresholds of people. These are portraits the size of a human hand, or even larger..

– For the face to turn out correctly, the portrait must be of a fairly decent size. Skin tone, facial expressions should also match the original, and this is quite difficult to do. The most important parts are the eyes and mouth..

The most interesting thing about this is that there are already several Chiefs players among Timur’s clients, although so far there is no Magomes among them. His predictions regarding his favorite are quite obvious: he is not quite at the top of fame yet, the best is yet to come, and his native team will soon become the champion..

– It is with great pleasure that I “draw” Patrick. He is perfect, like a Greek god, and this makes work even faster, ”Timur said, saying goodbye to me. And I envy him a little.

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