Incredible tech tattoos

The tattoos of our time are no longer as boring as they were a few years ago. With the help of modern technology, they have become amazing, unusual, and even useful. A mixture of art and technology gives rise to incredible ideas for interesting tattoos.

Incredible technological tattoos - information and photo examples

Incredible technological tattoos – information and photo examples

Incredible tech tattoos – five options for the future

1. Digital tattoo.

Digital tattoo - VivaLnk - tattoo for smartphone - photo 1

For example, the VivaLnk company began to use the technology based on the wireless NFC interface in the “digital tattoo” product..

NFC – short-range wireless data transmission. Using NFC, you can exchange data with devices that are in close proximity to each other – no more than 10 centimeters.

This technology is widely used in digital mobile devices. More often for contactless payments for purchases, less often when transferring files between devices. Now many people use NFC when paying for goods in stores, simply by holding their smartphone to the terminal..

Digital tattoo - VivaLnk - tattoo for smartphone - photo 2

Digital tattoo – a sticker with a unique pattern, which serves as the personal identifier of the owner of the phone, allows you to unlock your personal phone in a second, just by touching it with a gadget. This protection system is more secure than a personal password..

One sticker on the human body can last five to seven days, after which it should be replaced.

2. Tattoo with QR code.

QR Code Tattoo - Photo 2

Tattoos like this have become very popular lately..

QR code – a pixel two-dimensional image (barcode) that can be decoded using a mobile phone camera.

QR Code Tattoo - Photo 1

Using such pictures, lovers of original tattoos encrypt their name, an Internet link to their social networks or personal blog, and even advertisements of any goods..

3. Tattoo for diagnostics of health.

Tattoo for Health Diagnostics - Advanced Technology - Photo 2

The dynamically developing American company in the field of mobile electronics sales Advanced Technology has developed the Epidermal Electronics project.

Epidermal Electronics (epidermal electronics) – digital tattoos for health diagnostics. Epidermal Electronic Systems (EES) – a discovery that will soon erase the boundaries between biology and electronics.

Epidermal Electronics tattoo is fixed on human skin. The circuit is installed on a rubber thin substrate and has elastic properties. If it is bent, squeezed, stretched, it will not affect performance in any way. The life of such a tattoo is from several days to several years..

Tattoo for Health Diagnostics - Advanced Technology - Photo 1

Epidermal Electronics and the phone will unlock with one touch to it, and will give the user of the gadget information about his own health, since such a tattoo has many sensors.

They not only track a person’s body temperature, pulse, and blood pressure, but also the collected information is transmitted to a mobile device via NFC technology..

4. Sound tattoo.

Sound Tattoo - Skin Motion - Nate Siggard - Photo 1

The idea for the sonic tattoo came from Nate Siggard, a tattoo artist based in Los Angeles. Skin Motion project – modern technology with the addition of tattoo art. Nate’s firm is developing a mobile application and platform for creating sound tattoos. Those interested can upload the desired audio file to the project website, which should sound from his body, choose a registered tattoo master.

An audio file can contain a human voice, a child’s laugh, music – any memorable sound. At this stage, the file duration is no more than one minute.

You can play a sound tattoo using a special mobile application, which is currently in development mode.

5. Tattoo – animation.

Tattoo - animation - Anthony Antonellis - photo 2

Anthony Antonellis is an American artist. He is the owner of the first digital animation tattoo that can be viewed with a telephone. A chip is implanted under Anthony’s skin, which is invisible to the eye, since it is smaller than a grain of sand. The chip contains 1 KB of data. All information from it is read by any device supported by NFC.

The GIF image (a small rectangle with an iridescent color gradient) is what was loaded onto the chip by the artist. Only the owner of the subcutaneous implant can change images to new ones, the rest are in “reading mode”.

Tattoo - animation - Anthony Antonellis - photo 1

Such tattoos can be of interest to those who do not want to apply the image to the skin. Almost everyone can view animated tattoos using a phone.!

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Prepared by: NIKAVIVA (Kovalenko)