A bold experiment. Cuticle and finger tattoos.

Lots of beauty ideas come up every day. It seems difficult to come up with something new, but unique people generate unique ideas..

So, photos of extreme people who got a tattoo on the cuticle began to appear on the network. This decoration is more and more interesting for young people and experimenters..

Cuticle and finger tattoos - information and photos of the tattoo

It is not known who this trend originated from, but it is gaining popularity every day. It is important to note that this is not a mihendi, but a tattoo. The pain threshold is different for everyone, so it is difficult to accurately answer the question of whether it hurts. But the fact that it is popular is a fact.


Of course, you can get a tattoo on the cuticle using any images, but among young people the most popular are miniature stars, butterflies, geometric shapes, celestial bodies and more..

Before signing up for a tattoo parlor, you should figure out the manicure and decide what will best fit the design.

Photo example of a tattoo on a finger 09/05/2020 №104 -fingertip tattoo- Photo example of a tattoo on a finger 09/05/2020 №102 -fingertip tattoo- Photo example of a tattoo on a finger 09/05/2020 №100 -fingertip tattoo-

What stars decided on this decoration

Previously, many visited tattoo parlors with a request to get a tattoo on their neck in the form of stardust, and now they want the inscription “Shhh” on their finger. Rihanna contributed to this trend.

Rihanna Tattoo Shhh On Finger Photo 123

The phrase “Live Fast and Die Early” is taken from a composition by Lana Del Rey. The same expression, only in English, is impaled on one of the singer’s fingers..

Beyoncé decided to stamp the number of her wedding day on the ring finger of her left hand. It also symbolizes the birthday of Beyoncé herself, as well as her husband Jay Z, who also got this tattoo. Number – IV.

Beyonce's tattoo IV photo 123

Cara Delevingne graces her index finger with her first tattoo of the zodiac sign Leo.

Cara Delevingne Lion Tattoo On Finger Photo 123

Miley Cyrus has all her fingers scored, but her favorite tattoo is the heart on her little finger. Her dad has exactly the same.

Miley Cyrus Tattoo On Finger Photo 123

Iggy made herself an inscription expressing love for a guy, and after parting, she exponentially crossed it out, then completely deleted it..

Iggy tattoo on finger photo 123

Ciara and Future decided not to spend money on wedding rings, but simply get a tattoo in the form of initials. After the divorce, the Girl brought the drawing together, and the guy decided to postpone.

Sky Ferreira filled a small drop in 2010 after her husband’s arrest. In prison, this symbol means “Convicted of a shootout”.

Lindsay made a tattoo, like Rihanna, but put a different meaning into it – friendship with Lily Allen.

Sky Ferreira Tattoo On Finger Photo 123

Johnny Depp got himself a rectangle tattoo because he loved to draw them during school time out of boredom. The actor is sure that the rectangle is a symbol, but does not know the exact meaning.

Johnny Depp Tattoo On Finger Photo 123

By the way, we have detailed materials about male and female finger tattoos, which you can always discuss on our tattoo forum.

Photo examples of tattoos on the fingers from 09/05/2020 (113 photos)

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