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Bull tattoo meaning

Formidable drawing – what is the meaning of a bull tattoo

The bull at all times and among most peoples was often a symbol of unbridled brute force and power. In addition, the image of such an animal is identified with the symbol of the masculine principle..

Image of a bull in different cultures

The bull is a noble strong animal, in many cultures it has inherent meanings associated with the gods. For example, Zeus, the supreme god of ancient Greek culture and mythology, as well as the ancient Roman one under the name Jupiter, was often depicted in the form of a bull. Such bull tattoo meaning had a dual meaning, since on the one hand, it characterizes the strength and power of Zeus, and on the other hand, it emphasizes his lovingness, since the bull, among other things, symbolizes fertility and sexual strength. Zeus, in turn, was most famous for his love affairs with mortal women, as a result of which many great and famous heroes from ancient Greek myths were born – Hercules, Perseus, Theseus, Achilles and others.

Bull tattoo meaning

Bull tattoo meaning

The bull combines the power of various elements, vitality, greatness and royalty – which are its immediate qualities. Representatives of various peoples and cultures brought mainly positive, noble qualities to the image of the bull: in Buddhism, he is the personification of a person, among the Iranians – the soul of the world, among the Celtic peoples – power and strength. In India, the bull is a sacred, revered animal..

The zodiacal meaning of the bull is Taurus. Unlike the common qualities inherent in the bull symbol, Taurus are quite calm, gentle and melancholic people. At the same time, those born under this sign are practical people who strive to ensure their own safety, comfort and coziness..

An example of a cool bull tattoo for a man

An example of a cool bull tattoo for a man

In addition to the positive aspects, images of a bull can be negative. This refers to the image of a black bull, which is the personification of death. The image of a black bull with burning eyes symbolizes dark forces, a demonic entity.

What does bull tattoo mean??

As already mentioned, the bull is a symbol of strength, masculinity, fertility, and therefore is a purely masculine image. Black bull tattoo with fiery eyes implies playing with death. Bull bull tattoo means taming, and pacification of the masculine principle. In general, there is an opinion that a tattoo of a bull or an amulet with his image protects a person, gives vitality and energy..

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