Scientists have found that a tattoo weakens the immune system

Scientists have found that a tattoo weakens the immune system. If a single tattoo can not significantly affect and provoke small violations in the natural defenses of the body, then if there are a lot of tattoos on the body, this can be fraught with consequences..

Scientists have found that a tattoo weakens the immune system - photo

Scientists have found that a tattoo weakens the immune system – photo

“Ink is to blame for everything!” It is they that negatively affect human immunity and can lead to the appearance of chronic diseases..

  • Tattooing leads to a weakening of protection not only at the site of application, but also in the nearest organs. Doctor endocrinologist-gynecologist Bukharina claims that a woman who got a tattoo on her lower back will subsequently suffer from diseases associated with gynecology. This is due to the ingress of ink into the lymphatic system and ceases to function normally. In this regard, immunity becomes weaker, bacteria can freely enter the body and cause the development of diseases.

It is also not recommended to get a tattoo on the legs. This is fraught with such a problem as atherosclerosis of the lower extremities. And a tattoo in the neck area can lead to visual impairment, hearing impairment, frequent headaches and dizziness..

  • People who are allergic to something should not be tattooed. The situation will worsen and lead to dermatitis and bronchial asthma. It will be too difficult to fix this problem, because the ink has already entered the lymphatic system..

In addition to ink for tattooing, dyes are used, which are used for a printer and painting a machine. This is a person who purposefully introduces into the blood and lymphatic system..

In addition, due to improper preparation of the skin and needles, you can become infected with various staphylococcal infections..

Additionally, tattoos can cause mental discomfort. Youth mistakes can negatively affect human performance. For example, a man got a tattoo on his wrist, after he entered the university, got a job in an office. The tattoo acts more in the “minus”, that is, it makes you wear long sleeves, regardless of the weather. Removing a tattoo is quite difficult, often unrealistic. There will be a scar for life.

You can get infected not only with AIDS, hepatitis, but also with various fungal and bacterial infections. This reason forces blood donors to wait a year after getting a tattoo to determine if they have HIV..

Prepared by: julia0891 (Osadchaya Yulia Petrovna)